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Internal Communications

L. Ashford [AD-1069-E]
02.06.2024 14:29

Something has been bugging me all weekend...

I hope you weren’t offended when I said that anyone with half a brain could do this. It was meant to be self-degrading, honestly... but with you being new and all... Please don’t think I’m an asshole.


The docs look great! Thanks for handling those. That tape does look... odd. It’s not something I’ve seen before, but it reminds me of the half-inch tape that would go into an IBM 729 or something similar.

Most objects from the deviation's early 70’s are (relatively) straightforward... similar architecture and technology to what we had at the time. But as we go further in, we have to get... creative.

I’ll send it over to technology... maybe they can come up with something.

Oh...to answer your question about the file names... there was this guy back in the mid-90s. He ran archives and he had this list of words. Everything had to come from that list. Kind of a strange story... he had bounced around a bit between departments working on various projects (against policy, now). Anyway... there were some rumors that he stopped showing up to work for a couple months and then one day just came back in like he hadn't been playing hooky for a quarter... like time kept going for everyone else but for him it just... skipped? I think this place probably took a toll on him... this is why you should use your PTO! It's there for a reason. No need to be a hero. I'll survive without you for a night.

And tuna? Thank god we don’t work together in person. I can't stand the smell of it.

T. Novak [AD-5577-E]
02.07.2024 03:54

Hey. Some things came up. I wasn't able to upload too much more tonight, but I'll get to it ASAP. Sorry.


L. Ashford [AD-1069-E]
02.07.2024 09:14

Hey, no worries...

Is everything okay? Shit... maybe I did offend you? And then I made fun of your dinner, too... God I can be such an asshole.

T. Novak [AD-5577-E]
02.07.2024 22:49

No, no. Sorry Ash, it’s not that.

Have you ever had something happen to you here?

Something unexplainable?